This closing of the beaches is an overreaction to a relatively few individuals who partied on the Florida beaches.

While it may have been an easy thing to say, it causes a lot of problems for the police and beach patrols. The issue isn't the beaches, but rather the behavior. There isn't a problem for a few (less than 10) people to gather anywhere.

Just look at the large stores where families show up to buy groceries or other items. Those that wish to walk or run or fish on the beaches are far safer than going inside any of the large stores. Why not just stop the large groups from congregating on the beaches and leave them open to the individuals and families that benefit from them?

This isn't about discrimination; it's about practicing social distancing while enjoying the outdoors. One can't expect to have any kind of a summer season unless the economy is allowed to start up again, and opening the beaches for proper uses is a giant step in the right direction.

Richard Vassallo



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Wayne D Holt

Mr. Vassallo, a little bit of thought shows this has never been about public health but rather about enforcement, which are--or should have been--two separate issues. The City's response is riddled with irreconcilable inconsistency, if the object was to enhance public health and minimize interactions.

It is easier for government to prohibit everyone from doing something than making the effort to enforce against the relative few who are obviously not following public health guidelines. What this means is that a huge collective of law-abiding citizens will ALWAYS be held hostage to the least responsible small subset of the population. Have you asked your City government why this is so?

Taking this a step further in consideration, this also means we are hostage to metro Houston forever because if we are going to shut down our community if there is a possibility Houstonians may be coming here who we don't want, we no longer control Galveston--Houston does. Does that seem reasonable?

I think any objective reading of what went on in the decision making process will show it was panic driven, based on models that have been discredited, but government at the local level seems to be dragging its feet in revising these decisions. City Council meets each week to discuss things. A week is an eternity for those who have run out of time and run out of money.

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